7 ways you can prevent dental decay caused by Soda

7 ways you can prevent dental decay caused by Soda

September 1, 2019

Drinks or food that contains a bellyful amount of sugar and is acidic are contributing factors to tooth decay and erosion. Soda is no exception to this fact especially when it is consumed frequently. The damage is caused due to the cariogenic and acidogenic effect of the inherent sugar and acid in the soda. Over, the years this results in severely worn out teeth and possibly teeth loss. Heavy soda consumption also causes other health complications like obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis

Tooth Decay and erosion: Definition

There are two main types of dental decay caused by drinking soda:

1. Erosion

Tooth decay and erosion refer to a severe loss of hard dental tissue that is etched away from the teeth chemically using acid present in the soda. The inherent intrinsic (gastrointestinal) and extrinsic (environmental and dietary) origin of acid are responsible for this damage. It starts when the acid present in the sodas gets introduced to tooth enamel(outermost protective layer of the teeth). The effect is such that the hardness of the tooth enamel gets reduced.

2. Cavities

Sodas then go on to affect the next layer which is the dentin and even composite fillings. The damage to the tooth enamel attracts cavities. The combination of sugar and carbon dioxide adversely affects the tooth enamel and causes dental caries or cavities.

The cavity is permanent damage to the teeth that results in holes in the teeth. It develops over time and affects people who consume soft drinks regularly. Heavy amount of sugar that is present in the soda combines with bacteria to release an acid the slowly erodes the teeth. Every attack lasts for approximately 20 minutes and starts over with the intake of every sip. This ongoing acid attack languishes the tooth enamel.

Young children on account of their tooth enamel not being fully developed are most susceptible to tooth decay.

How to prevent dental decay arising out of Soda?

The logical and obvious solution to the problem lies in the termination of drinking sodas. However, it is not easy for everyone to kick the habit. Therefore, it is wiser to take steps that will help in lessening the risk of severe damage.

  • Moderation: It is advisable not to drink more than one soda a day. Even one does a lot of damage.
  • Drink quickly: Drinkly the soda quickly allows less time for the sugar and the acid to damage the teeth. The longer time one takes to sip their drinks, the more time is granted to the soda to create havoc in our teeth.
  • Using a straw: A straw helps in keeps the soft drink away from the teeth.
  • Rinsing mouth with water post-drinking the soda: Flushing the mouth with water after drinking the soda helps to take away any remaining sugar and acid that cause further damage to the teeth.
  • Wait before brushing: Brushing immediately after consuming soda can cause further damage due to the friction that is created against the recently acid attacked and vulnerable teeth.
  • Avoiding soda before bedtime: Drinking soda before bedtime gives the bacteria all night to damage the teeth.
  • A regular visit to the dentist- Regular visits to a good dentist helps to identify problems before they worsen. Dentists in Elmhurst, NY specialize in all aspects of dental care for people of all age. They are highly qualified professionals with comprehensive experience so that the patients are assured of the fact that they are in the right hands. The dental clinics in Elmhurst have incorporated the latest technology for a wide variety of services like dental exams, cleaning and prevention of loss of teeth.

Dentists conduct quality dental exams to locate the dental problems caused by a wide variety of factors including soda. They protect that beautiful smile by offering dental cleaning services to deprive the teeth of all the residue of food and drinks that cannot be removed by regular brushing of teeth.

Sometimes, when due care is not taken on time, excessive soda consumption can damage the teeth to such an extent that it is irreparable. In such circumstance of loss of teeth, the dentists provide services to rectify the problem.

The dentists in Elmhurst are dedicated to providing excellent dental care to the patients. They are trained to deal with an array of dental problems. They treat all their patients like family.

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