October 1, 2019

Everyone is stuck with one bad habit or another. Some cannot quit smoking, some eat a lot of fast, unhealthy food and some just have a sweet tooth. These bad habits and many more like these have one thing in common, they leave your teeth pale yellow. The colour which is the most unappealing sight even when someone has the world’s biggest smile. It speaks oceans about one’s personal care routines and hygiene awareness. Such a smile also leads to a not so good impression on those that matter. For instance, on the first date or in an interview. This can significantly tarnish your idea in someone else’s mind despite your best intentions and efforts.

The habits mentioned above make your teeth pale. And it is impossible to manually get rid of their yellowish shade and make them white again. One can keep scratching their teeth with toothbrushes but this would not bring the white colour back. The solution is teeth whitening. It is an extremely popular dental cosmetic procedure which is used for instances like these.

Teeth whitening does not cost as much as other dental procedures. Being relatively cheaper there are a lot of variants for this option. Few of the whitening procedures are teeth whitening with charcoal, using teeth whitening paste, whitening by using lasers etcetera.

Are there any benefits of teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening has other benefits too apart from just returning your oral beauty.

  1. It removes excess food remains stuck in the tiny spaces of one’s teeth.

  2. It gets rid of germs from the teeth that might linger even after brushing rigorously.

  3. It removes spreading plaque and also erases the breeding grounds for more harmful germs.

  4. Above all, it increases confidence in oneself.

What is a teeth whitening procedure?

  1. The very first step is identifying the problem. It can be identified when no amount of brushing or flossing is able to bring back the tooth’s original colour. As soon as you realize that, you should go ahead with consulting the nearest dentist.

    Teeth whitening in Elmhurst can be done at several places. One amongst the many dental care centres is Dr Vinit Shah Dental. They have a team of straightforward, honest, experienced and skilled specialists. They will not only clarify one’s doubts about teeth whitening but also provide them the right advice regarding the procedure. They will help you find out if there is a need for teeth whitening or not.

  2. Right before the check-up, one needs to properly clean up their teeth. So that no food residue is left stuck on the teeth which can leave spots after the whitening is complete. If there are any other cavities to be filled or redone one should complete those treatments. It is because the whitening doesn’t work on the material used for filling. Thus right before the whitening, proper cleaning is necessary.

  3. The next step in the process is the check-up that your dentist will make you go through. This will give you a green flag for the whitening. Select the type of whitening that you need, according to your need, budget and also suggestions of the dentist. One of the best, natural alternatives is teeth whitening with charcoal. For deep cleansing and better results that have much lesser side effects.

  4. A process is not at all painful, unlike the popular idea about dental procedures, it does not take much time either. Thus, in a short span of time and lesser costs one can get the perfect smile.


There are several claims around such as teeth whitening causes gums to retract, teeth to grow week. Although such facts are inflated there is still some truth in them. Even Dr Vinit Shah is honest about this fact. But it is an equivalent trade-off. For getting a load of confidence and beautiful teeth, the probability of weaker teeth is a risk worth taking. The harm is also not so significant that it would make the teeth fall but it does cause minor issues such as sensitivity. With the help of the right kind of dentist, one can easily avoid such minor issues turner into major.

Teeth Whitening dental procedure provides you with the opportunity to start again, with a boost of confidence. Additionally, it provides an edge over your previous looks after it makes your smile, more poised.