Dental Fillings in Elmhurst
Dental Fillings in Elmhurst

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For the most part, dental fillings are used in repairing cavities; spots where tooth decay has formed because of oral bacteria. Dr. Vinit Shah Dentist can remove the part of your tooth that is decayed and then restore the hole that was left with one of the filling materials. It will stop the decay from getting any worse and will keep your tooth resistant to damage and durable and resistant to chips and cracks.

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Here are some signs you might encounter if you have a cavity:

  • Tooth or teeth that are sensitive to cold or hot foods or beverages
  • A dull, constant toothaches
  • When biting down on a specific tooth, you will feel a sharp pain
  • Bad breath that will not go away after brushing
  • Black or brown spots appear on the surface of your tooth

Bear in mind all cavities do not cause any symptoms either. In several cases, cavities will not cause you any symptoms until they have gotten really bad. Be sure you see your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. Your dentist will use tools like x-rays and even lasers to find a small, pinhole cavity before they start causing you pain. It is best to fill your cavity at this point before they create you any other problems since after this stage they are a more significant threat to your tooth’s integrity.

Filling Materials Most Commonly Used

Several years ago, they made the fillings from metal; most of the time from silver or gold. It is true that metal filling is very durable, but they are pronounced in your mouth, especially if they can be seen when you smile. Today we have tooth-colored options, made from a composite resin and porcelain so that it is barely noticeable in the patient’s mouth. Your dentist will help you in deciding what the best material is to fill your cavity based on where it is at in your mouth, and how large your cavity.

Metal Amalgams

The most durable options are still the metal fillings. A gold filling can last for a lifetime; silver fillings might last ten years or longer. Some patients will always ask for metal fillings for chips and cavities in their back molars since these teeth are not noticeable when they smile.

Composite Resin

The composite resin for fillings is created from a unique epoxy substance that has ceramic or silica in it for strength. The resin can be colored to almost match the color of your natural tooth, and this makes them a number one choice for the front teeth and areas visible when you smile.

When a composite filling is being used your dentist will not need to take out as much of your tooth material. Because of this, your dentist will probably recommend the composite fillings for your larger cavities, but they do not last as long as a metal filling. The composite might need to be replaced about every ten years.


Porcelain fillings are another name for inlays. They cost most of all the filling options to choose from, but they will last longer than the composite resin fillings. Dentists will use the inlays for abraded or worn teeth rather than for treating cavities.

Your Appointment for Filling

To get your tooth filled will usually take about 20 minutes to an hour, all dependent on the size of your cavity or how badly the tooth damage. If you have multiple chips, worn areas repaired, or several cavities, then your dentist might talk to you about doing everything all at once, so you only have to be numbed one time.

When you get here for an appointment, the dentist will apply a gel to numb a little area on the inside of your cheek. When the cheek is numb, the dentist will then numb the tooth he will be working on, and it will take a few minutes for it to numb your tooth’s gum area. When it is numb, your dentist will use a high-speed drill and wear away the damaged part of your tooth.

After the decayed part of your tooth is out, the dentist will rinse your tooth out with a fluoride solution to keep decay from going any further. She/he might use a specific tool to place the resin or metal amalgam where he has prepared the tooth. If he has placed resin, he will use a UV light and aim it at the filling to cure the resin. The dentist will then take his drill and shape the filling.

If a porcelain filling or inlay is used and applied to your tooth, the dentist will more than likely complete the process in two appointments. At the first appointment, the tooth will be prepped and then a mold made, so the lab will make you a special porcelain filling. At the second appointment, the filling will be placed in the tooth.

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