Partials and Dentures in Elmhurst, NY
Partials and Dentures in Elmhurst, NY

Dentures are replacements for teeth that are no longer there. They tend to be temporary, but they can be full or partial, meaning they can replace all your teeth or just smaller sections. They’re meant to help you keep your smile and your ability to eat foods and continue day to day life.

Partial dentures are used when some of your natural teeth are able to remain in use within your mouth. Dr. Vinit Shah, Dentist is happy to provide both options for your dentistry needs. Therefore, whether you’re looking for partial dentures in Elmhurst or complete dentures, we provide you all these under one roof.

Types Of Dentures

Complete dentures come in two forms, conventional and immediate. Conventional dentures are meant for after the removal of teeth once the gums heal. They can go in about 8 to 12 weeks after removal of teeth.

On the other hand, immediate dentures are created before the removal of teeth and are able to be used immediately after. This means the patient can have teeth while their gums heal and can go about their lives as normal as possible.

Removable partial dentures or bridges are also a very common form of denture. This is because they are handy and helpful for those who need a little assistance but not a full set of dentures. They’re also a bit cheaper. They are usually teeth which are attached to a pink base made to look like gums, and a wire to help hold the frame in place.

These are used when natural teeth are still available to be used in either the bottom or top of the mouth. There’s no point removing perfectly good teeth if there are enough to do their jobs properly. At Dr. Vinit Shah, Dentist we evaluate your teeth and your needs to find the best fit for you.

A fixed bridge is when crowns are placed on teeth surrounding a gap to help hold in fake teeth to give the appearance of a full set. They are usually cemented into place with an adhesive. Partial dentures or fixed bridges can help the rest of your teeth stay in place, since gaps can often give room for other teeth to move and shift.

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