Dental Sealants in Elmhurst, NY
Dental Sealants in Elmhurst, NY

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Explaining Dental Sealants?

Most sealants are comprised of either a clear or white plastic and put into the grooves on the biting surfaces at the back of your teeth so they can be protected from the destructive effects caused by plaque.

Why Should Sealants Be Used?

Your back teeth do have some deep grooves and some pits that are hard to keep clean.Then there is a plaque, that is an almost invisible film like cover of food and bacteria that will collect down in these very grooves. To help make this plaque easier for Dr. Vinit Shah, Dentist and his team to see, Dr. Vinit Shah, Dentist might stain this plaque with some harmless red looking dye.

Be prepared, because every time you begin to eat, the bacteria in the plaque will form acid. If you do not have the sealants, the acids attack and can cause a break down in your enamel, and then oops, there you have another cavity.

How Does Dr. Vinit Shah, Dentist Apply the Sealants?

for Dr. Vinit Shah, Dentist to put the sealants on, you do not have to have your gums numbed. Dr. Vinit Shah, Dentist or his dental hygienist will clean your teeth and dry them and apply a conditioning solution.The sealant is then brushed down into the grooves of the teeth. Some kinds of sealants will harden by themselves, and there are others that must be exposed to special lighting.

Dental sealants have become highly effective for preventing the decay on the surfaces of your teeth that you use to chew your food. The dental sealants application process is such a simple procedure when the tooth colored coating is painted on your tooth’s surface. It “seals” down in the deep grooves and acts as a barrier that serves to protect your enamel from all the acids and plaque they are exposed to daily.

Sealants also protect the areas of grooves and the depressions in your teeth from the plaque and food particles that your flossing and brushing cannot reach. Since they are so easy to apply, the sealants will take only a few minutes for sealing each of your teeth. Sealants can hold up well under chewing and will last several years before it must be reapplied.

Whether you are an adult or child, you can benefit from having sealants applied in your fight against cavities. Schedule an appointment with us at the dental clinic for dental sealants in Elmhurst, NY. Visit us now!